Join us at Little Giant Collective this Friday, September 6th for the opening reception of "Tributaries," a collaborative exhibit of cyanotype prints and handwoven textiles by Melody Overstreet and Vincent Waring.

TRIBUTARIES celebrates the dynamic movement of water, and the way in which elements are in constant conversation with one another. 

Water carves a valley 
Streams widen
Peaks ascend 

Moon rise
Tide flow
Water Song

Tributaries Flyer Short.jpg


Melody J. Overstreet is a poet, artist, printer, and educator. She holds a degree in Studio Art and Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she focused on Printmaking, Public Art, and Peace Studies. Her work has been exhibited locally as well as internationally, and has also been featured in publications inclusive of Seed Broadcast, Inverness Almanac, and Chinquapin Quarterly.

She was instrumental in initiating Santa Monica College’s Organic Learning Garden, a space for cross-curricular engagement, the hands-on growing of food, seed saving, and community building. Overstreet is currently based in Santa Cruz, California where she is a teacher and mentor to students in Book Arts, as well as an educator as part of Santa Cruz Kids in Nature (KIN). She offers occasional workshops through Cabrillo College Extension, UCSC, The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, and The UCSC Arboretum & Botanic Garden. She is a certified California Naturalist through CNP and UCSC's Arboretum and has worked with her students and colleagues to develop gardens featuring edible, medicinal, and dye plants for deepening consciousness of the ways in which plants and their pollinators are interwoven in and sustain our tenuous lives. Her artwork and her educational approach emphasize the importance of connection to our origins through place, community, and plants. 



Vincent Waring is a maker of sorts based out of Santa Cruz, CA. He is interested in the ecology of wild and intentional spaces, which he often explores through imagery reflecting parts of the whole. He utilizes a variety of mediums, including printmaking, painting, and drawing. Born and raised in the Central Valley, he moved to Santa Cruz to attend the University of California where he received a BA in Studio Art. In the midst of making art, he also spends his days working with textiles, wood, and plants.