Little Giant Collective formed in the summer of 2016 when we joined a group of artists, craftsfolk and musicians up on Meder st to expand the collective workspace and introduce a print shop. In those two year’s we’ve expanded our membership to 11 people and are ready to move to a larger, professional workspace where we can realize our dream with an independent fully functioning printshop focusing on relief, letterpress, intaglio and silkscreen printing.

The craft of printmaking has a centuries-old history of uniting artists and creating communities. Little Giant Collective aims to carry on that legacy. We work to nurture an environment where both novice and master printers and makers can come to share and collaborate ideas, techniques, equipment, and space. A place where one can make mistakes, ask questions, get better and be inspired. As artists, we know that working together helps all of us learn and be better. That art is a muscle that we have to work and train. Everyone is welcome to learn and fall in love with printmaking as we have. Little Giant is committed to being an accessible and affordable place to create, showcase, and sell artwork. We have many free and donation-based events, including the First Friday Art Walk, as well as offering classes, workshops, and memberships. 

little giant collective
115 River st. south
santa Cruz, CA. 95060